The following is a catalogue of my Factory Records vinyl collection

All of my vinyl is played on an Audio Technica LP-120 using a rubber turntable mat and an LP Gear Vessel A3SE cartridge.

I have been a Joy Division/New Order fan since the late 70s. Pride of place in my Factory vinyl collection is a mint condition original pressing of "The Return Of The Durutti Column" (Factory catalogue number FACT 14) with a sandpaper sleeve and which also includes the flexi-disc (FACT 14C) - only 3,600 of these LPs were ever made and only the first 2,000 contained the flexi-disc (many of the flexi-discs have either been lost or damaged). The covers for this album were assembled by Joy Division, A Certain Ratio and others; while Ian Curtis did the glueing (he needed the money!), the other members of Joy Division watched a porn movie in the same room.

I also have a mint copy of "...Yes, Please!" by Happy Mondays (Factory catalogue number FACT 420); this was the final album from Factory as the Mondays finally broke Factory's bank while recording the album in Barbados!

Be wary of starting to collect Factory records - it's addictive!

"This is Manchester, we do things differently here" - Tony Wilson