The following is a catalogue of my Factory Records vinyl collection

All of my vinyl is played on an Audio Technica LP-120 using a rubber turntable mat and an LP Gear Vessel A3SE cartridge.

I have been a Joy Division/New Order fan since the late 70s and in my collection I have quite a number of vinyl records (& CDs) including non-Factory label productions. Pride of place in my Factory vinyl collection is a mint/sealed copy of "A Factory Sample" (Factory's first production) and a mint condition original pressing of "The Return Of The Durutti Column" (Factory catalogue number FACT 14) with a sandpaper sleeve and which also includes the flexi-disc (FACT 14C) - only 3,600 of these LPs were ever made and only the first 2,000 contained the flexi-disc (many of the flexi-discs have either been lost or damaged). The covers for this album were assembled by Joy Division, A Certain Ratio and others; while Ian Curtis did the glueing (he needed the money!) the other members of Joy Division watched a porn movie in the same room.

I also have a mint copy of "...Yes, Please!" by Happy Mondays (FACT 420); this was the final album produced by Factory Records as the Mondays finally broke Factory's bank while recording the album in Barbados! (Factory Records officially went bankrupt on 23rd November 1992).

The latest acquisition in my collection is Peter Hook's t-shirt from the gig at the Union Transfer in Philadelphia on 24th October 2019 :-)

Be wary of starting to collect Factory Records vinyl - it's addictive!

"This is Manchester, we do things differently here" - Tony Wilson